19 January 2021

Elotes: Street Corn

We have heard your queries about elotes! What are they? What’s in them? Why only at the Taqueria?

These are all good questions, and we’re happy to answer them. As you may already know, elotes are also called street corn. The name is rather spot on, but hey, it works! Elotes are often corn on the cob that is served on a stick. Many places top the corn with a combination of: mayonnaise or butter, cheese, chili powder, cilantro, lime, and salt. That isn’t to say that those are the only ingredients that can be used, they’re simply the basics. Ours is topped with Cotija cheese and doesn’t have cilantro.

UPDATE (1/20/2021) - Elotes in a cup are now available at all Salsa Grille locations! Elotes on a stick only available at the Taqueria.

Now, you likely understand why ‘corn’ is in the title, but why ‘street’? That part is simple too. This is because street vendors across Mexico serve this deliciousness on a stick, and they’ve been doing it for a long time. Well, since elotes are corn on the cob that’s served on a stick, and since they are traditionally served on a street, the name street corn stuck.

Alright, so now you can see why they’re called street corn, but what about the other name – elotes? If you know Spanish, you may already know the answer to this one too. It translates to corn. Sure, the names may be spot-on, but that doesn’t make this dish any less delicious!

If you’ve ever had our version of elotes at the Taquería, you may have noticed that you can have it served on a stick or in a cup. Now, you may be wondering why only the Taquería Salsa Grille location serves elotes. Honestly, you may be wondering why the Taquería serves a lot of things the other locations don’t have. That’s because our Taquería location was our first ever Salsa Grille. It was also created to be more authentically a Mexican restaurant that specializes in tacos, also known as a Taquería. Because we wanted to keep it more authentic, we didn’t offer much more past the tacos. Sure, we had the elotes, I mean, we had to have those. We also have horchata, tortas, and tamales. The main focus remains the tacos and keeping more traditionally Mexican items. The best way to say it is that the Taquería is more traditional while our other Salsa Grille locations offer more locally familiar items. This is also why the Taquería has the food brought out to you, similar to a sit-down restaurant, while our other locations build your meal in front of you.

Coming Soon!

All that being said, the elotes are on their way to our other Salsa Grille locations! They’ll be served in the cup form only and will have the cotija cheese topping. So keep an eye out for it!

We hope this answers your questions about our elotes! If you have more questions, be sure to ask. We’re always happy to answer them.

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