You read that title right! We are having a wonderful giveaway that will help support our local zoo. You’re probably wondering how to enter and what you could win if you do. Let’s start with what we’re giving away. First off, there will be five winners. That’s right, five winners will be chosen! Each winner will receive two tickets along with two free regular priced meals (no extras) from the Salsa Grille location of their choice.

Now that you know what is at stake (or should we say steak?), it’s time to talk about how to enter. We have already pulled the names and emails of anyone who has ever ordered online and is part of our email list. If you haven’t ordered online before, then don’t worry, we’ll have other giveaways like this in the future! To make sure you are entered to win a future giveaway, just place an order online and you will be added to our subscribers list.

To our current subscribers, thank you for your support! This is just our way of showing our appreciation. To our future subscribers, we wish you luck in future giveaways!

UPDATE: Congratulations to our three winners - Katie Richardson, Greg Needler, and Adrian Head!

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