19 November 2020

Which Sides are the Best?

If you’ve eaten at any of our four locations, you’ve likely experienced one, if not all, of our sides. We are talking about the borracho black beans, jalapeño/garlic pinto beans, charred poblano sweet corn rice, amarillo rice, guacamole, and roasted poblano queso. But which of these six sides is the best?

To answer that question, we first have to take a look at the merits of each side. It’s difficult to deny that chips, particularly our gluten free chips (see our gluten free blog to learn more about these and other gluten free items), pair well with all of our sides. Yes, that’s right! Even the rice pairs well with the chips. How, you may be wondering? Well, with a side of queso, of course! It’s no secret that rice pairs well with queso. It’s a perfect union! And chips just make for a great delivery system.

Our chips also pair well with guacamole, but you probably already knew that. It’s like saying chips and queso. At some point, it’s understood that the two go well together. But who could deny chips and beans? You may be surprised at the number of people who hadn’t thought of that combination. Well, no more shall this amazing combination be denied! To be fair, the beans also pair nicely with the queso. Much like the rice, it’s just a great flavor pairing.

While all the sides pair well with our chips, it’s important to remember that these sides are often paired with an entrée. The queso and guacamole pair well with any of our entrees. They not only make for great dipping for burritos (maybe more of an extra slathering for the guacamole as it doesn’t exactly allow for dipping very well), but queso or guacamole can also be added to tacos, quesadillas, salads, bowls, tortas (Taqueria only), or tamales (also Taqueria only). There are few who can deny that having extra queso and guacamole on the side is a bad thing.

While the rice and beans may be a bit odd to pile onto a taco, particularly one that already has one or both of the ingredients, they still make for a great side dish to any entree. Don’t underestimate those refreshingly fresh sides with their delicious array of ingredients and spices!

So, if you’re looking for that authentic sit down feel but want to enjoy the speed of fast food, order up one or more of our sides. It’s a great way to enjoy a larger meal that can be shared with family and friends. We hope we’ve helped answer which sides are the best, or at least inspired some new combinations. Until next time, taco on!

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